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Over the years our customers have commissioned a wide variety of sculptures. Whether it’s to bring your own idea to life, or to add a personal touch to one or our designs, we invite you to be a part of the work. Some personalised pieces include; trees with a robin to represent each member of the family, two swans flying away together as they mate for life, and flowers added to the bottom of a piece to symbolise each child. Commission custom metal sculpture by widely collected and highly successful contemporary artists. Endow your space with a famous original art investment.

Commissioning your own idea for a sculpture means it can be more personal to you or a loved one, making it the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday or anniversary. 

‘For Tina’ was created for a mother and commissioned by her six children. The siblings had two sets of twins which are represented in the two pairs of robins nestled together. The trunks of the tree represent the parents as they intertwine and provide a foundation for the robins. Giving them support but letting them fly freely. 

‘For Iullin’ was again a gift from the children to their mother and depicts two swans flying up into the air, sprouting up behind them 6 beautiful flowers representing her children.

Some of our past designs are the Wold Rugby Awards which shows a rugby ball’s path as it flies between the posts, and the Macra Na Feirme Award which was presented to winners of the young farmers competition, and mimics a budding plant representing the young farmers budding potential. You can see pieces which are currently available for collection in the At Our Gallery section of the website. Smaller pieces can be purchased online and shipped free of charge through our Buy Online page. Follow us on Instagram @butlersculptures to keep up to date with what’s happening in the workshop, see our most recent work, works in progress and find out about any exhibitions or events.