Davin Butler

This is Davin’s previous work. If you are interested in ordering something similar, please get in touch through the Contact Us page.

Davin Butler is the youngest sibling. He started sculpting in his teens and continued to do so part-time throughout college where he studied web development, he then realised he wanted to put all his focus into making sculptures. He has travelled around Canada, where he worked in an art gallery exhibiting art from the First Nations community. He was inspired by the art there, especially the many tribal face masks. He began creating masks of his own when he returned to Ireland. He draws inspiration and techniques from the rest of the family and focuses mostly on nature, the ocean, and people. His ‘Heart on the line’ and ‘Hold on to your Heart’ sculptures express the range of emotions that come with a long distance relationship. He likes tribal and mythological art, and tries to blend this into the medium of copper sculpture.

Davin Butler has also been experimenting with applying different patinas to his sculptures which you can see in ‘Blue Moon’, where he has created different shades of blue for the sea and moon.

This is indicative of his eagerness to experiment and learn. As time goes on, he defines his style more and more. His work has been displayed in galleries across Ireland, as well as in the 2 Michelin Star restaurant; Aimsir, in Kildare. If you would like to commission a sculpture from Davin, please get in touch.