Birds of all kinds are a recurring theme in Liam’s work, and he has passed on this interest to his family. Long walks along the coast, woodlands and bog near the family home provide many opportunities to observe the varied species of birds living in the West of Ireland. Herons are a firm favourite of Liam’s, admired for their elegance and sense of calm stillness. His signature robins have featured in his work for many years, and he enjoys portraying them perched in nature, or interacting with each other on a shared branch. The robin holds many meanings for different people, and has been known to symbolise hope, a loved one keeping a watchful eye, and new beginnings. 

Ronan’s swan pieces are inspired by the Irish legend of the ‘Children of Lir’, and depict four birds emerging magically from the water. Graceful species such as the curlew, hummingbird and swallow are achieved through careful observation of the natural forms and movement of the creatures. The sculptures are created through a process of heating, hammering, and welding copper pipes, sheets and wires to reach the desired shape. The copper is treated with a blue patina, or heated and polished to bring out the natural warm orange and red tones of the metal. Larger bird pieces make striking garden sculptures, blending beautifully with the natural environments that inspired them.

This Portfolio features past work from the Butler family. If you are interested in any of these works please get in touch to discuss commissioning a similar piece.